Farm Shop

  • Colin Broomfield (Owner)

    Colin Broomfield (Owner)

    As the owner of Broomfields, Colin oversees general operations at Holt Heath and the fruit farm in Cutnall Green. He is now a third generation fruit farmer with Maurice Broomfield and Stanley Broomfield being his predecessors.

  • Fiona Broomfield (Owner)

    Fiona Broomfield (Owner)

    Fiona is valued by Broomfields due to her horticultural experience and has been overseeing operations with Colin since 1995.

  • Alex (Manager)

    Alex (Manager)

    Alex leads the farm shop team at Broomfields with 10 years of experience in retail.

  • Wendy (Senior Team Member)

    Wendy (Senior Team Member)

    A senior member of staff at Broomfields with 20 years of experience in the farm shop.

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