Farm Shop

  • Colin Broomfield (Owner)

    Colin Broomfield (Owner)

    As the owner of Broomfields, Colin oversees general operations at Holt Heath and the fruit farm in Cutnall Green. He is now a third generation fruit farmer with Maurice Broomfield and Stanley Broomfield being his predecessors.

  • Fiona Broomfield (Owner)

    Fiona Broomfield (Owner)

    Fiona is valued by Broomfields due to her horticultural experience and has been overseeing operations with Colin since 1995.

  • Alex (Manager)

    Alex (Manager)

    Alex leads the farm shop team at Broomfields with 10 years of experience in retail.

  • Wendy (Senior Team Member)

    Wendy (Senior Team Member)

    A senior member of staff at Broomfields with 20 years of experience in the farm shop.

The European Agricultural fund for rural development
Europe investing in rural areas.

The leader grant has helped broomfields to improves its offer on fresh food which has allowed us more freedom to buy locally and support our local community. It is part funded by the European Agricultural fund for Rural Development.